Hygienic Display Systems, essential, effective and designed to prevent the spread…

Standoffs, more than just hardware…

Rod Systems, create an elegant design…

Cable Systems, combines flexibility and transparency…

Display Systems, Durable, Sleek and Sophisticated…

Art & Pictures Rail Systems,
User-friendly, flexible and versatile…

Cable Hanging Systems, enhance the effectiveness of your advertising!

LED Poster Holder, ultra-thin, reversible, dynamic window displays…

Poster Holder, to be more convincing…

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Partners,

Mustang Systems is celebrating 20 years of success and would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your business. I would also like to thank you for the loyalty and trust you have shown Mustang Systems over the years.

Mustang Systems success would not be possible without you and for that I will be forever grateful.

Yours truly,

Martin Dubois

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1936 – 2009   

This web site is dedicated to my late father, André Dubois, who I Consider to be one of the greatest designers of his generation. André Dubois distinguished career spanned over more than four decades.

New dimension of performance to Interior displays

Mustang Systems Inc. works with top manufacturers to provide innovative and high-quality display products to many diverse markets.


Mustang Systems Inc. will hold to its commitment of offering an unlimited variety of display products solutions. Mustang Systems Standoffs primary product line continues to be directed towards the interior displays with regards to sales and marketing. Our display systems are timeless and their simple function are as convincing as their versatility.


Mustang Systems Inc. products offer you solutions today for your communication needs in the future and our display capabilities are endless as well as the markets we serve.


Martin Dubois, President/owner