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Mustang Systems Inc. works with top manufacturers to provide innovative and high-quality display products to many diverse markets: Standoffs, Cable Systems, Rod Systems, Art Hanging Systems, Poster Holder, Display Systems and Tubular Fittings.

In facts, Mustang Systems Inc. will hold to its commitment of offering an unlimited variety of display products solutions. Therefore Mustang Systems primary product line continues to be directed towards the interior displays with regards to sales and marketing. As a result, our display systems are timeless and their simple function are as convincing as their versatility.

Mustang Systems Inc. display products offer you solutions today for your communication needs in the future and our display capabilities are endless as well as the markets we serve.

In conclusion, we are dedicated to offer you a vast product selection and are devoted in providing an outstanding level of service.


Standoffs Display Systems, more than just hardware…

Mustang Systems Standoffs comes in aluminum, stainless-steel, brass & acrylic. We also offer a wide range of Standoffs that allows great flexibility and style. The high-quality finish of our Standoffs will bring a new dimension and add value to your sign projects. Overall, we could say that the Mustang Systems Standoffs are more than just hardware…



Cable Display Systems, combines flexibility & transparency…

Mustang Systems offers a comprehensive range of Suspended Cable Systems for window or wall displays. Our stainless-steel cables diameters are 1.5mm and 3mm. While the cables are incredibly resistant and combines flexibility and transparency, they will enhance the effectiveness of your advertising.


Rod Display Systems, create an elegant design…

The Suspended Rod Systems provided by Mustang Systems creates a more structural effect to your projects. Our stainless-steel rods diameters are 6mm and 10mm. As a result of the combination of stainless-steel rods & aluminum supports, our Suspended Rod Systems will make your window/shelf displays more attractive & elegant.


Art Hanging Display Systems, Practical, Flexible and User-Friendly….

Mustang Systems Art & Picture Hanging System consists of a hanging rail Systems with hanging cables and hooks. To clarify, we have many options to hang your Arts & Pictures like Classic Rail, Click Rail, Top Rail and Uniq Hanger. The Art Hanging Systems provided by Mustang Systems is user-friendly, flexible & versatile.


Poster Holders Display Systems, To more convincing…

In addition to traditional display products, Mustang Systems provides innovative LED Poster Holders, Acrylic Poster Holders & Snap Frames. Because our Poster Holders are timeless, they are as convincing as their versatility.



Display Systems, Durable, Sleek & Sophisticated…

The Display Systems provided by Mustang Systems are perfect for promoting companies and their brand. Furthermore, we have Hygienic Display Systems designed to prevent the spread of germs.



Tubular Fittings Display Systems, Simple & Highly Effective Engineering…

Mustang Systems “FitClamp” tubular fittings are the answer to joining steel pipes together. The simple but effective engineering principle of Mustang Systems “FitClamp” fittings is the foundation of the most versatile pipe connection systems available. There are many variations of pipe fitting to suit a wide range of applications, thus providing the versatility to achieve virtually any structural configuration.

20 Years Anniversary

Mustang Systems is celebrating 20 years of success and would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your business.

I would also like to thank you for the loyalty and trust you have shown Mustang Systems over the years.

Our success would not be possible without you and for that I will be forever grateful.

Martin Dubois, President

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