Special connectors

Vitrine, modular system
Create your personal vitrine with connectors and 5mm panels. order the single parts according to your customized size and form. Excellent for shop, showroom, museum, shop window and home as well.


Stylish sign support for counter
Signs, frames, or name cards stand firm with table support. Suitable for all materials like glass, wood, acrylic or metal. The panels are fixed with the allen screw on the rear side.


Sign support for counter
Variable plug-screw system. Put the allen screw through the panel, screw on body and head. With the position of the hole you adjust the inclination of the sign: the higher the hole the more the panel leans back. Adapted for single signs as well as for sandwich-systems.


  • Panel Connectors
  • Suspended Supports
  • Desk Supports
  • Table Supports