Rod Systems

The Suspended Rod Systems provided by Mustang Systems creates a more structural effect to your projects. Our stainless-steel rods ∅ are 6mm & 10mm. The combination of stainless-steel rods and aluminum supports makes your window/shelf displays more attractive and elegant.

Create an elegant design…

Mustang Systems outstanding Suspended Rod Systems would be nothing if we didn’t offer the best aluminum fixings to go along the stainless-steel rods. Our Suspended Rod Systems are so easy to fix that your creativity can come to life in just few minutes and the combination of stainless-steel & aluminum makes your window/shelf displays more attractive & elegant. Just make sure your measurements are exact and that you have taken all the sizes of your promotions or posters into consideration. You also should imagine possible future changes before making your final decision.

Among our Suspended Rod Systems, we also offer a full range of high-grade aluminum supports that brings style to your display and the result is a design incredibly modular. Mustang Systems Suspended Rod Systems will boost your window and your interior. The Suspended Rod Systems can be easily interchangeable and by moving elements, you can create a new visual impact and make your window more attractive to your customers. Also, you can help your customers collect information easily by placing dispensers on their way.


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