Colored Threaded Standoffs – ∅ 25mm (1″)

Part number: 2525

The Colored Threaded Standoffs provided by Mustang Systems is made of colorless brushed anodized aluminum and allows you to enhance your signage.

2525-BK Black               2525-B Blue
2525-SS Silver Satin     2525-WH White
2525-R Red                    2525-CO Copper
2525-G Green                2525-GD Golden

– ∅ 25mm (1″)
– Projection: 25mm (1″)
– Panel thickness 2mm to 13mm (1/16″ to 1/2″)
– Panel hole ∅ 9,5mm (3/8″)


Black (2525-BK), Silver Satin (2525-SS), Red (2525-R), Green (2525-G), Blue (2525-B), White (2525-WH), Copper (2525-CO), Golden (2525-GD)