Wall Mounted Poster Holder

The Wall Mounted Poster Holder Kits provided by Mustang Systems are affordable, durable and easy to install.

Innovative LED Poster Holders, Acrylic Poster Holders & Snap Frames.

Timeless & their simple function are as convincing as their versatility.

LED Poster Holders

LED Poster Holders has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, bringing your display to life, optimizing your communication & differentiating yourself through the increased visibility of your showcase. This information medium attracts not only the eye, but also changes your customer’s perception of the display and the advertisement.

Acrylic Poster Holders

Acrylic Poster Holders are precision laser cut for quality flame polished edge. They are perfect for high traffic areas to attract new customers and shown new sales, promotions and much more! Mustang Systems Poster Holders are cable hung from the ceiling or wall mount with Standoffs which makes it simple to place them anywhere in any establishment.

Snap Frames

Quick clip style wall-mount Snap Frames utilizes four hinged sides that simply flip open and close in a snap. They has an easy sign changing once mounted on the wall, simply lift up the sides and change graphics out while still mounted. Cost effective and very popular, designed to make sign changes on the fly without having to take the Snap Frames off the wall.


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