∅ 3mm Cable Components

Mustang Systems offers a comprehensive range of 3mm diameter stainless steel cables for window or wall displays. The 3mm diameter stainless steel cables are incredibly resistant; they combine flexibility and transparency. Above all, the 3mm diameter stainless steel cables will enhance the effectiveness of your advertising.

Combines flexibility & transparency…

The Mustang Systems Suspended Cable Systems are innovative and slim to avoid bulky advertisement displays! The Suspended Cable Systems provided by Mustang Systems is made of aluminum, has an anodized finish for the supports combine with the stainless-steel cable. This Suspended Cable Systems is ideal for hanging acrylic panels. Our stainless-steel cables ∅ are 1.5mm & 3mm, they are incredibly strong to support shelving systems as well as heavy display holders. With discreet and classy fixings, they are elegant and reliable at the same time.

Our Suspended Cable Systems are made to allow an easy fixing whether you want the cables to be installed from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling or from floor to wall. We offer easy & elegant Suspended Cable Systems to help you make your window remarkable and to put emphasis on the message you want to convey. The cable system will improve your brand recognition and increase your store traffic.


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