Top Rail

The Top Rail, Wires and hooks provided by Mustang Systems are discreet and ideal to hang works of art.

We have many options to hang your Arts & Pictures with the Classic Rail, Click Rail, Top Rail & Uniq Hanger.

Twister – Flexible & safe
Mustang Systems offers the Twister glider system for all its Art Hanging Systems. The twister offers the most logical and flexible way to hook the hanging cable into the rail: twist, click and you’re done. Since the Twister may be clicked anywhere on the rail, you can hang Art & Pictures anywhere you like on the wall. You have the option of using Twister in perlon cable or stainless-steel cable for all the Mustang Systems Art & Picture Hanging Systems.

Solid Slider – Practical & strong
Some people prefer to attach the Hanging Cables with glider via the side of the Hanging Rail, and to accommodate this preference, Mustang Systems offers the Solid Slider system with the perlon cable and the stainless-steel cable. The Hanging Cable may be freely slid into the Hanging Rail from the side and once the end-cap is install the cables are secure into the hanging rail.

Hanging Art & Pictures Hooks – User-friendly…
Over the years, an extensive range of hooks his available to use in combination with the hanging cables which takes various aspects into account such as weight, ease-of-use, price and choice of material.

Eye-catching or invisible?
You have the option of allowing the Art Hanging System to act as an eye-catcher by choosing an aluminium rail that mounts to a white wall or perhaps you want the rail to be as inconspicuous as possible, in that case you will choose a white aluminum rail for a white wall.


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